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郭章瑞 Percy Kuo
Office:文學院二館 C2-428
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33218
CV:20081108 Percy CV
Fields of Specialty: British and American Poetry、Victorian Literature、American Transcendentalism、19 th -Century British and American Literature、English Romantic Literature、Reading and Writing
林錥鋕 Spencer Lin
Office:文學院二館 A-216
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33207
Fields of Specialty: English Renaissance Literature、Shakespeare
李振亞 Jerome Li
Office:文學院二館 LS-308
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33202
Fields of Specialty: Marxist Literary/Cultural Theory、Literary Theory、Film Studies、English Renaissance Literature
曾安國 An-kuo Tseng
Office:文學院二館 C2-423
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33217
Fields of Specialty: Western Epic Tradition、Nature Writing、Modern British and American literature
吳慧娟 Grace Hui-chuan Wu
Office:文學院二館 C2-411
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33219
Fields of Specialty: Asian American Literature、Sinophone Literature、Economy and Culture
葉德宣 Jonathan Yeh
Office:文學院二館 C2-445
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33226
Fields of Specialty: Nineteenth-Century English Literature、Literary and Cultural Theory、Gender Studies、Affect Studies
戴芃儀 Peng-yi Tai
Office:文學院二館 C2-410
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33212
Fields of Specialty: Animation、New Media、Critical Theory、Psychoanalysis
林建廷 Chien-Ting Lin
Office:文學院二館 C2-422
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33216
Fields of Specialty: Medical Modernity and Biopolitics、Inter-Asia Cultural Studies、Critical Race and Ethnic Studies、Studies of Empires, Militarism and Neo-colonialism、Transpacific (Post) Cold War Studies
陳達希 Darcy Sperlich
Office:文學院二館 C2-435
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33203
Fields of Specialty: Theoretical Linguistics、Applied Linguistics、Pragmatics、Syntax、Experimental Linguistics

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