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白瑞梅 Amie Parry
中央大學英美語文學系 專任教授
Office:文學院二館 A-218
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33215
CV: Amie Parry CV
Fields of Specialty
  Literary Modernisms、Taiwan Poetry、Postcolonial Theory、American Literature、Fantasy Literatures and Visual Cultures、Gender Theory
1991 美國加州大學聖地牙哥分校文碩士
University of California, San Diego Literature Department MA
1996 美國加州大學聖地牙哥分校文學博士
University of California, San Diego , Literature Department, PhD
2007 - 中央大學英美語文學系教授
Professor, English Department, National Central University
2001 - 2007 中央大學英美語文學系助理教授
Associate Professor, English Department, National Central University
1996 - 2001 交通大學外國語言學系助理教授
Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chiao Tung University
Selected Publications
2008 〈橫跨於二元抉擇與流離異域空間:《駭客任務》三部曲的酷兒真實〉,《電影欣賞季刊》,97年1-3月號,第134期,頁19-23。
2007 Penumbrae Query Shadow: Queer Reading Tactics. Jointly authored with Jen-peng Liu and Naifei Ding. Chungli, Taiwan: Center for the Study of Sexualities, National Central University, June 2007. (《罔兩問景:性/別的閱讀政治》,與丁乃非、劉人鵬合著,中壢:中央大學性別研究室,2007。)
2007 Interventions into Modernist Cultures: Poetry from beyond the Empty Screen. Durham and London: Duke University Press, April 2007.
2007 “’There Is No Such Thing as a True Tale’”: Preface to the Chinese translation of The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Trans. Xiujun Li. Taipei: Muse Press, 2007 (8-13)
2006 “Magical Thinking and Minor Writing.” Trans. Jonathan Yeh and Cina Kuo. Visual Culture and Critical Theory I: Empire, Asia and the Question of the Subject. Ed. Joyce Liu. Taipei: Maitien, 2006 (75-81). (<魔幻思維與次等書寫>,葉德宣、郭家珍譯,《文化的視覺系統I:帝國-亞洲-主體性》,劉紀蕙編,台北:麥田,75-81。)
2004 “Schadenfreude: Truth, Violence and Surveillance in Lucifer Hung’s Science Fiction.” Co-authored with Liu Jen-peng. Studies on Science Fiction, ed. Yeh Li-hua. National Chiao Tung University Press. 2004. (81-113). (<「別人的失敗就是我的快樂」政治:「真相」、「暴力」、「監控」與洪凌科幻小說>,與劉人鵬合著,《科幻研究學術論文集》,葉李華編,新竹:國立交通大學出版社,82-113。) Reprinted in At the Margins of the Canon and the Human: Selected Essays on Taiwanese Science Fiction, ed. Jianchun Lin. Fuchou, PROC: 2006 (287-313).
2000 “Documenting a Beautiful Youth: Boys for Beauty and 2,1” (A review of two film documentaries on queer youth cultures in Taiwan). Co-authored with Wang Ping. InterAsia Cultural Studies Vol. 1, Number 1, April 2000. 181-84.
1999 “’For the other overlapping time’: Sexuality and the Allegorical Temporalities of Translation in Dictee.” Trans. into Chinese, Chen Ting. Remapping the Territory of Literary Studies: Perspectives on Foreign Literatures from Taiwan, ed. Pin-chia Feng. Taipei, Taiwan: Bookman Press, 1999. 29-55. (<「給另一個重疊時間」:《聽寫》譯的性慾取向與預言時間>,陳婷、吳桂枝譯,《重劃疆界:外國文學研究在台灣》,馮品佳編,台北:國科會人文處,29-55。)
1998 “Modernism and Domesticity: From Conrad’s Eastern Road to Stein’s Empty Spaces in the Home.” Burning Down the House: Recycling Domesticity, Politics and Culture Book Series, Volume 7, ed. Rosemary Marangoly George. Boulder: HarperCollins and Westview Press, 1998. 75-101.
1998 “From Herland to Queerland: The Homoerotic Longings of a Feminist Utopia.” Trans. into Chinese, Chen Ting. Working Papers in Gender/Sexuality Studies Nos. 3&4, September 1998. Special Issue: “Queer Politics and Queer Theory.” Chungli, Taiwan: Center the Study of Sexualities, National Central University. 347-56. (<從她鄉到酷兒鄉:女性主義烏扥幫渴求之同性情欲流>,陳婷譯,《酷兒:理論與政治》專號,第三、四期合刊,何春蕤編,中壢:中央大學性別研究室,347-56。)
Grants and Academic Honors
6/2005 National Central University Teaching Award
8/2003-7/2005 Group Project: The Embodiment of (Post-/Late) Modernity; Sponsor: Ho Cheun-juei
8/2003-7/2005 “Fantasy and Modernity: The Cultural Politics of Deviant Bodies”
8/2000-7/2003 National Science Council Research Grant Recipient
2001 National Chiao Tung University Teaching Award
Courses /
Graduate Courses
Literature of the Fantastic; Thesis Writing and Methodology; Survey of Literary and Cultural Theories; Fiction Studies; Postcolonial Literature and Theory; Queer Literatures
Undergraduate Courses
Literary Criticism; Research Writing; Seminar on an Author: Tolkien; The Sea Voyage Novel; Poetry and Sexuality; The Poem and the City: London, Paris, Taipei; World Literatures in English; Freshman Composition; Sophomore Composition; Oral Training; Journalistic Writing: The Profile

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