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司徒尉 David M. Stewart
中央大學英美語文學系 榮譽教授
Honor Professor
Office:文學院二館 C2-433
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33223
Fields of Specialty
  United States Literature, History, and Culture、Film and Mass Culture、History of the Book、Affect
1997 美國芝加哥大學英文文學博士
Ph.D. University of Chicago, USA
1990 加拿大Dalhousie大學英文文學碩士
M.A. Dalhousie University, Canada
1988 加拿大Dalhousie大學英文文學學士
B.A. Dalhousie University, Canada
2019 - 中央大學榮譽教授
Professor Emeritus
2012-2019 中央大學英美語文學系教授
Professor, Department of English, National Central University
2007-2012 中央大學英美語文學系副教授
Associate Professor, Department of English, National Central University
1997-2007 中央大學英美語文學系助理教授
Assistant Professor, Department of English, National Central University
Selected Publications
2017 "New Criticism and Value in Taiwanese College English," American Literature, special issue "Pedagogy: Critical Practices for a Changing World" 89:2 (June 2017), 397-423. A&HCI
2016 "Working Away, Writing Home," The Edinburgh Companion to Nineteenth-Century American Letters and Letter-Writing, Eds. Celeste-Marie Bernier, Judie Newman, Matthew Pethers, Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press, 2016, 185-197.
2014 "Aesthetic Education in an Era of Diminishing Expectation," Tamkang Review 45.1 (December 2014), 73-79, in “An Aesthetic Education in the Era of Globalization: A Forum,” with Duncan Chesney, Chi-she Li, and Buy Beauregard, 55-79. THCI Core
2014 "Cheap Reading and the Rise of a Proletarian Print Culture in the United States,” in Created Unequal: Class and the Making of American Literature, ed. Andrew Lawson. New York: Routledge, 2014, 59-78.
2013 [Review] Nineteenth-Century Literature 68:1 (June 2013) 119-122: Gillian Silverman, Bodies and Books: Reading and the Fantasy of Communion in Nineteenth-Century America. AHCI
2012 "Confessions of an Unrepentant Non-Comparativist,”Newsletter of the Comparative Literature Association of Taiwan, Inaugural Issue (December 2012), 9-13.
2011 [book] Reading and Disorder in Antebellum America. Columbus OH: Ohio State University Press, 2011.
2011 "Sensationalism," in U.S. Popular Print Culture, 1860-1920 (Oxford History of Popular Print Culture Series), ed. Christine Bold. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011, 375-393.
2009 [Review] Scott E. Casper, Jeffery D. Groves, Stephen W. Nissenbaum, and Michael Winship (eds.) A History of the Book in America: Volume III: The Industrial Book, 1840-1880, in Resources for American Literary Study 32 (2007; appeared June 2009). AHCI
2008 "Consuming George Thompson," American Literature 80:2 (June 2008) 233-263. AHCI
2006 "The Disorder of Libraries," The Library Quarterly 76:4 (October 2006) 403-419. SSCI
2001 [Review Essay] “Reading the Republic: Interdisciplinarity on the Barricades,” Connecticut History 40:1 (Spring 2001) 147-159.
1998 "Cultural Work, City Crimes, Reading, Pleasure," American Literary History 9:4 (Winter 1998) 676-701. AHCI
Grants and Academic Honors
2019 - Professor Emeritus / 榮譽教授
2014 - 2016 NCU Distinguished Research Professor / 學術研究傑出特聘教授
2013 NSC Outstanding Research Award / 國科會, 傑出研究獎
2007, 2012 NCU University Teaching Award / 教學傑出獎
2010, 2012, 2017 NCU Outstanding Research Award / 研究傑出獎
2002-2004 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship, McNeil Center for Early American Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Visiting Research Awards from: American Antiquarian Society (1999, 2000); Huntington Library (1998); Library Company of Philadelphia (1994)
Courses /
Graduate Courses
Topics in Ameican Studies; Thesis Writing and Methodology
Undergraduate Courses
Introduction to American History and Culture; America’s Spiritual Strivings; Expository Writing

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