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梁美雅 Mei-Ya Liang
中央大學英美語文學系 專任教授
Office:文學院二館 C2-443
Tel:03-422-7151 ext:33205
Fields of Specialty
  Socio-cognitive Linguistics、Computer-mediated Communication、Intercultural Discourse Studies、Multimodal Narrative Analysis
2006 美國印第安那大學布魯明頓校區語言教育學博士
Ph.D. in Language Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA
1992 國立清華大學語言學研究所碩士
M.A. in Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
1989 國立清華大學中語(外語輔系)學士
B.A. in Chinese Literature and Linguistics with Foreign Languages as minor
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2017 英國愛丁堡大學英語系訪問學者
Visiting Scholar
Linguistics and English Language
School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences
University of Edinburgh, UK
2016-present, 2007-2016 中央大學英美語文學系教授、副教授
Associate Professor
Department of English
National Central University
2006, 1992-2006 大華技術學院應用外語系專任副教授、專任講師

Associate Professor
Full-time Lecturer
EFL Program Coordinator
Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages
Ta Hwa Institute of Technology
2005-2006 清華大學語言中心兼任講師
Part-Time Lecturer
Language Center
National Tsing Hua University
Selected Publications
2021 Liang, M.Y. (2021a). Pragmatic socialization through gameplay directives: Multimodal conversation analysis of avatar-embodied interactions. Journal of Pragmatics, 171, 36-48. (SSCI)
2021 Liang, M.Y.(2021b). Multilingual and multimodal mediation in online intercultural conversations: a translingual perspective. Language Awareness. (SSCI/AHCI)
2019 Liang, M.Y. (2019). Beyond elocution: Multimodal narrative discourse analysis of L2 storytelling. ReCALL, 31(1), 56-74. (SSCI)
2016 Liang, M. Y. (2016). Achieving multimodal cohesion during intercultural conversations. International Journal of Society, Culture, and Language, 4(2), 55-70.
2015 Liang, M. Y. (2015a). Play Chronotopes: Laughter-Talk in Peer Group Conversation. Classroom Discourse, 6(2), 158-172.
2015 Liang, M. Y (2015c). Viewpoints in multimodal storytelling: From sensation to narration. Language and Communication, 42, 23-35. (SSCI)
2015 Liang, M. Y. (2015b). Multiple modes of meaning in expository discourse. TESOL International Journal, 10(1), 134-148.
2013 Liang, M. Y. (2013b). Rethinking authenticity: Voice and feedback in media discourse. Computers and Composition, 30, 157-179. (SJR)
2013 梁美雅(2013a),網路虛擬環境中之言談互動,柯華葳編,數位語文學習,41-66頁
2012 Liang, M.Y. (2012a). Reimagining communicative context: ELF interaction in Second Life to learn EFL. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 11(1), 16-34. (SSCI)
2012 Liang, M.Y. (2012b). Foreign ludicity in online role-playing games. Computer-Assisted Language Learning, 25(5),455-473.(SSCI/A&HCI)
2011 梁美雅(2011) 虛擬遊戲學英語:《第二人生》實例, English Career, 37, 36-41
2010 Liang, M. Y. (2010a). Using synchronous online peer response groups in EFL writing: Revision-related discourse. Language Learning and Technology, 14(1),45-64. (SSCI)
2010 Liang, M. Y. (2010b). Exploring communicative practices in the blogging of female EFL university students. The JALT CALL Journal, 6(2),71-84
2009 Liang, M. Y., & Bonk, C. J. (2009). Interaction in blended EFL learning: Principles and practice. International Journal ofInstructional Technology & Distance Learning, 6(1), 3-15.
2008 Liang, P.H., Liang, M. Y. & Chui, E. M. (2008). Creating electronic storybooks for family and friends: Young children’s playful language learning and early literacy development. In Proceedings of E-learn 2008 (pp.999-1004). Chesapeake, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.
2006 Liang, M. Y. (2006). Blogging in an online Journalistic English course. In Y. N. Leung, M. Jenks & C. S. Hsia (Eds.), Newaspects of English language teaching and learning (pp. 381-394). Taipei, Taiwan: Crane Publishing Company.
1999 樂為良、陳曉開、梁美雅譯(1999)《新經濟--數位世紀的新遊戲規則》,美商麥格羅.希爾國際股份有限公司台灣分公司(Blueprint to the Digital Economy: Creating wealth in the era of E-business, Don Tapscott, Alex Lowy, and David Ticoll, eds., New York: McGraw-Hill, 1998)
Grants and Academic Honors
2012, 2015 NCU Outstanding Research Award
Courses /
Graduate Courses
Thesis Writing and Methodology
Undergraduate Courses
Second Language Acquisition;Topics in Linguistics I; Topics in English Education I; Expository Writing; Journalistic Writing; Research Paper Writing; Translation:Theory and Practice; Presentation and Communication; Professional Communication; Introduction to TESOL; Online English Learning

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