Civil Rights Era (roughly 1955-1968)

Title Year Actor / Actress
A Raisin in the Sun  (Sidney Poitier) 1961 Sidney Poitier
A Time for Burning 1967  
Band of Angels 1957  
Blackboard Jungle  (Sidney Poitier) 1955  
Burn / Queimada 1969  
Carmen Jones 1954 Dorothy Dandridge
Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment 1963  
Defiant Ones, The  (Sidney Poitier) 1958 Sidney Poitier
Edge of the City 1957 Sidney Poitier
Go, Man, Go 1954 Sidney Poitier
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner  (Sidney Poitier) 1967 Sidney Poitier
Imitation of Life 1959  
In the Heat of the Night  (Sidney Poitier) 1967 Sidney Poitier
Island in the Sun 1957 Dorothy Dandridge
Lilies of the Field  (Sidney Poitier) 1963 Sidney Poitier
Mark of Hawk, The 1957 Sidney Poitier
Nothing But a Man 1964  
Paris Blues 1959 Sidney Poitier
Shadows 1959  
Slave Trade in the World Today 1964  
Tamango 1958 Dorothy Dandridge
To Kill A Mocking Bird 1962  
To Sir, With Love  (Sidney Poitier) 1967 Sidney Poitier

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