Vietnam War History & Films

This webpage is designed for those who are interested in the films on Vietnam War. The genre “Vietnam War Film” includes not only movie featuring about the war itself, but also film that alludes to the war indirectly( as someone says, it is the war that “dare not speak its name.”) or even film which is affected by the war despite the fact that its story is not about Vietnam War. The reason for the wide range of this genre results from the intertextuality between history and film, which is also the main theme of our website: What is the relationship between particular history period and the movies made at that time? Does the film reflect social reality? Or, does the film define history when making it into stories? Then, how does the film represent historical events? By what means and on what purpose? This is what the website aims at. We will discuss these questions by examining the Vietnam War Film. Vietnam war is anything but a merely individual history event marked in the history. It spans across the time line by influencing people today even on their attitudes towards the international relations. Basic information such as the history of the war and its background can be found here. Besides, you could use the sub-category of Vietnam War films classified into different types to see the war from many aspects. Also, several lists of books and links about the relevant issue are here. This is a webpage that serves as a portal for students to make further research. If you are interested in the subject “Vietnam War Film” and you’re looking for reference tool, add this webpage to the list of favorite website.

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