Women at Work

This section is designed for people who are interested in women studies and films. In this website, you may see a list of films from 1940 to recent years which we think show the best of womens social status in different decades. We would also provide you a quick glimpse of the women movement and social change from different aspects in history. This website is served as a huge database which provides rich information that is specially selected and collected.

The first part of this website is a brief history of women movements in twentieth century, which people can use it by decades. We provide the information of how those big events of politics, laws, fashion, literature, and people are interrelated to the changing of womens identities and social status. The films that are made in the decades, or talk about the decades will also be attached.

The second part is the film list which is categorized into women in public sphere and women in private sphere. The former one includes women in the working class, professional women, and prostitutes. People can see how differently they are represented by the camera in these works. However, we do not only give the film list but also some basic and extended knowledge of the key films. (Those who can be clicked.)
For the introduction of stars, people can discover how these women make differences in and out the screens and history. For example, Jane Fonda, Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna all have great impact on how women are perceived from the world.

At last, we offer the book list for those who want to do further research. Valuable suggestions are welcomed. Please contact us. (filmstory@googlegroups.com)

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