History and Film Project

The History and Film project extends from an upper division course offered in the English Department at NCU. The course began as an alternative to the typical history of film survey, which was taught regularly but was not a favorite with students or faculty.  It was remarked, however, that if a straight survey was difficult to make interesting, one of the most exciting areas of film studies in recent decades has been film’s relationship to history, both as a source of knowledge about the past and as an agent of change.  The course that developed treats film historically in several ways: as the evolution of styles, technologies, viewing, and commercial practices; as cultural memory; as textual artifact; as political rhetoric, as representation, and so forth.  The past we work with is American, first films about the Civil War, then films set or made in the US after World War II.  Students read historical materials, while viewing and writing about films that are either about historical events (World War Two, Civil Rights, the Nixon Presidency) or made during them.

This website is meant to function as a resource for future History and Film classes and for anyone interested in the topics covered by it.  It is also a work in progress.  Future classes will be asked to contribute to the site, expanding existing data bases, and constructing new ones.  Three initial topics are currently nearing completion: the Vietnam War, Youth Culture, and Women at Work.  Future projects may include the Civil Rights Movement, the Cold War, Science and Technology, Labor, Religion, Foreign Relations, and American Men.

Thanks are due to the College of Liberal Arts for funding the Excellence in Teaching grant that paid for researching and constructing the site.  Also to be commended are six students who on very short notice last spring courageously agreed to join the effort.  Monica Wang served as coordinator, recruiting Gina Wang, Sheri Lin, Jenny Chang, Claire Yang, and our technical expert, Eleanor Chang. 


Project Leader: Pro. David Stewart (dstewart@cc.ncu.edu.tw)


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