Our department is unique among Taiwan’s English departments in terms of both the diversity of its specializations and the freedom it gives students to pursue a strong concentration in their area of interest. To this end, our dedicated faculty offer a wide range of undergraduate courses in literature, cultural studies, linguistics, writing, oral training, and other skills-based subjects designed to provide students with the fluency, cultural background and critical wherewithal necessary to excel in today’s rapidly changing world. 

As home to the Center for the Study of Sexualities, the Film Studies Center, and the Research Center for Theater and Performance Studies, our graduate program is well-known for its scholarship and teaching in these research areas, making it one of the most innovative graduate programs in East Asia. While many of our seminars are devoted to topics in these areas, we also offer a broad selection of graduate courses in critical theory and literature, both traditional and contemporary, within as well as outside the established canon.


Undergraduate training: developing students basic, essential skills in the close reading of cultural texts in social and historical context, developing students’ language ability and speculative skills, and cultivating their interest and proficiency in language, cultural knowledge, and literary research.


Graduate training: we focus on integrated cross-disciplinary academic thinking and writing. With this focus, students who are interested can prepare for further study at the doctorate level; on the other hand, our focus also provides students with sustained training in humanities -based skills applicable to a range of professions after matriculation.


Defining qualities: enlightened and democratic collegiality, highly networked administrative support, diverse and rich curriculum design, excellent academic research performance, and a lively learning environment.


Our department places great emphasis on preparing students for graduate studies in their specific field of interest. Many of our English majors have gone on to establish careers in education, publishing, public relations, journalism, business, government, and many other professions. 


Again, welcome to the NCU Department of English.

Educational Goals and Vision

Language: Cultivating solid English language skills and international perspectives, and developing excellent literary and cultural research skills with English sources.

Debate: Creating a variety of challenging learning and thinking styles, stimulating students’ potential, and building personal confidence and expertise.

Dialogue: Providing a diverse and lively learning environment that inspires students to develop their ability to observe, analyze, and think freely and to use knowledge flexibly.

Practice: Organizing students Into discussion groups or task groups to participate in guided, practical exercises and activities.

Professional Skills