The NCU English Department's Writing Group

The NCU English Department’s Writing Group was created in the Spring 2020 aiming to secure a space and time for our students and faculty to focus on their writing. If you would like to work on your writing or reading without distractions, we meet up collectively and follow a schedule of 45 minutes of writing/reading followed by 15-minute breaks for four hours. We start each session with a check-in and share our writing plan with the rest of the attendees. By the end of each session, we check-out and share the work we achieved to complete. Each attendee decides what to work on, each attendee decides their working pace, and each attendee decides when to join in and when to leave each session. 

Writing groups are held in academic departments all over the world to create community and accountability with other fellow writers. Regular attendees experience that a significant amount of work can be completed if they attend regularly. Try it at least once in person or online, everyone is welcome!

The WRITING GROUP Schedule for Spring 2023 is the following:

WEDNESDAY — March 8, March 22, May 3 & May 17. 5-7 pm,

C2-114 Join us!