Graduate program


  • Flexible course selection: out of the total 24 credits (not including the thesis), 9 can be taken in other departments (and up to 6 from external schools).
  • Three basic courses offered every year (at least once): “Thesis Writing and Research Methodology,” “Survey of Literary / Cultural Theories,” “Introduction to Cultural Studies.”
  • Advanced courses in three areas: literary/ cultural studies, gender/sexuality, and film and performance studies. These areas reflect our research strengths, and our courses continually incorporate new developments in these fields.

Our Specialties

  • 5-year MA program

Established in 2014, students can apply during the spring semester of their junior year with enrollment in the program commencing the following semester. Up to 18 credits of grad courses taken during their undergrad years can count toward their graduate degree.

  • MA thesis diversified options

In addition to the traditional thesis requirement, we now have a multi-paper format that is more flexible and allows career-oriented choices. The optional thesis formats consist of a translation, a research article submitted to an academic journal, or a combination of 2 or more papers that can include the following types: academic papers, a translation, an annotated bibliography, a creative work.

  • Additional options for MA students

Participation since 2012 in the University System of Taiwan International MA program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies. Central belongs to the UST system (along with Tsinghua, Chiao Tung, and Yangming). The IACS program has four clusters, each located at one of the campuses. The ‘Gender/Sexuality’ cluster is hosted by Center for the Study of Sexualities at NCU English. Teachers not affiliated with the Center and teachers from any department who are teaching related courses can list them with IACS. NCU English students can enroll in any course in the NTU system. UST provides transportation between the campuses four times daily.

Certificate program: our English graduate students can also enroll in cultural studies courses on other campuses and get a certificate in cultural studies along with their MA in English.